Attorneys In Salem For Personal Injury, Auto Accident & Wrongful Death Cases

Our attorneys in Salem For personal injury, auto accident & wrongful death have provided attorneys in Salem for nearly 50 years. For several decades Swanson, Lathen, Alexander, McCann & Prestwich, PC, has represented individuals and families as attorneys in Salem for personal injury, auto accident & wrongful death. Our attorneys have been there and we know what matters.

These matters include everything from automobile accidents and medical malpractice claims, to premises and products liability cases. We represent individuals in claims against their own insurance companies, as well as handling appeals.

Go With A Attorney In Salem With Nearly 50 Years Experience

Unlike other law firms or attorneys in Salem for personal injury , we never represent insurance companies. Never have. Never will. Our commitment always has been, and continues to be, to seek justice for individuals.

Our lawyers have spent their entire legal careers working together towards this commitment.
Let us use our experience and commitment to work in helping you.

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